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Find out about Real Tennis and maybe give it a try!


Open to people of any age, regardless of your current participation in any sports (or none), but may be of particular interest to players of lawn tennis and squash (both of which were derived from Real Tennis)

Our Club


The Newmarket Real Tennis Club exists thanks to Toad of Toad Hall, or to be precise, because of the character the writer Kenneth Grahame based him on – Sir Charles Rose. Sir Charles employed the specialist Tennis Court builder of the time, Joseph Bickley, to build our court which was officially opened on 29 June 1901 at a cost of £6,000 - the equivalent of £819,688 in 2022!


Henry VIII would still recognise Real Tennis as it is played today more than 500 years after he played at Hampton Court – where the game is still played! Our club is not as old as that but still complies with all the traditions of this wonderful game.


Non-members are most welcome to come and try what is known as The Sport of Kings! Free taster sessions



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