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The Newmarket Real Tennis Club exists thanks to Toad of Toad Hall, or to be precise, because of the character the writer Kenneth Grahame based him on – Sir Charles Rose. Sir Charles employed the specialist Tennis Court builder of the time, Joseph Bickley, to build our court which was officially opened on 29 June 1901 at a cost of £6,000 - the equivalent of £819,688 in 2022!


Henry VIII would still recognise Real Tennis as it is played today more than 500 years after he played at Hampton Court – where the game is still played! Our club is not as old as that but still complies with all the traditions of this wonderful game.


Non-members are most welcome to come and try what is known as The Sport of Kings!  Free taster sessions



Adults over 25


£190 / year


Under 18


£30 / year


Husband/wife/partner and children under 18

£280 / year


In full time education up to 25


£30 / year


Live more than 30 miles from the club and play only twice per month

£67 / year


4 employees


£500 / year


Adults 18 to 25


£67 / year


10 employees


£1000 / year


An annual levy of £120 is charged to all Full, Family, and Country members, who play more than 4 times per annum. This is only charged at the end of the second year of membership and is solely used to repay the interest-free loans from Founder Members, which enabled us to buy the club in 2011

Tennis & Rackets Association

Members are encouraged to join the T&RA as an associate member (£31.50/year). As well as other benefits​, members have access to the court booking system.

T&RA website

Ladies Real Tennis Association

By joining the Ladies Real Tennis Association (LRTA) lady members have access to their own range of matches and tournaments and then gain a concessionary rate if joining the T&RA as well. Hazel Dunn is the Newmarket LRTA representative if anyone has any questions.

LRTA website

Junior Members

We have a compehensive policy covering child protection, codes of practice and code of conduct in relation to Junior Members whilst they are in the care of the Club. Please contact us if you would like to read the policy documents.

Singles Off-Peak
60 minutes
Singles Peak
60 minutes
Doubles Off-Peak
60 minutes
Doubles Peak
60 minutes
60 minutes
Club Match Singles
per match (3-all 3rd set)
Club Match Doubles
per match (3-all 3rd set)
Lesson Off-Peak
60 mins (Includes court fee)
Lesson Peak
60 mins (Includes court fee)
Junior Lesson
60 mins (Includes court fee)



Hugo Johnsen – Chairman

Club Chairman and chair of meetings. Attends T&RA meetings. Line manager for Professionals. Press liaison. 

John Harrison – Treasurer

Financial Control, budgeting and planning. Company Accounts, Pro salaries. CASC admin.

Logan Crawford – Fabric and Maintenance

Management of the building and structure, arranging repairs & maintenance.


Jonathan Becher – Fixtures Secretary

Attendance at T&RA Fixtures meetings & coordination of matches.

Ed Turner – Tournaments Secretary

With Professional, arrange and manage Internal Tournaments.


Derrick Wells – Social Secretary

Hosting & arranging events, Rose Bowl. Wine Cellar.

Tom Marriott – Fund raising & Sponsorship

Fund-raising, Sponsorship, Corporate membership, Liaison with Pros.

Sandy Norman – News & Marketing

Phillippa Wells

Photograph of the court in 1908


Find out about the history of the Newmarket Real Tennis Club ...

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